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River Retreat – Deep River

Sanford, NC
Site Plan Study
Envisioned 10 Acre Home Sites

Project Statement

Located just south of North Carolina’s Research Triangle, Deep River Retreat is a community envisioned along the shore line of Deep River in Sanford, North Carolina. Deep River, a tributary of the Cape Fear River, is flanked by several parks and preservation areas and is a popular river for paddlers. The 100+ acre property is a site with immense natural beauty with two natural ponds, Beech, Oak and Pine woodlands, rolling topography, rocky streams, steep ravines, and shoreline access to Deep River.

The goal of the project is to develop 10 acre home sites and associated amenities to preserve, compliment and enhance the native landscape. Each home site is developed to showcase the natural environment and offer the residents many opportunities to engage in the richness of the site’s natural attributes.

The design efforts focus on engaging the residents with the native environment. The entry drive meanders through a sunny meadow, passes near the two natural ponds, and curves in and out of the existing Beech, Oak and Pine woodlands along the ridge lines and valleys of the land. The goal of this planned development will be to offer the utmost care to conserve and enhance the great natural beauty of this landscape.